Secrets of WordPress Premium Themes and Plugins

Secrets of WordPress Premium Themes and Plugins

Over 35% of websites are developed on WordPress on this planet using themes and plugins. Premium and free both themes and plugins are popular to the developers. Premium themes and plugins have some extra features that gives more comfort to the developers as well as website traffic. Today I will show you the secrets of WordPress premium themes and plugins.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the best ways to create a website.  WordPress is one of the most commonly used and most popular open-source CMS for the creation of interactive websites and blogs. This is one of the world’s most widely used creation tools for websites and also a CMS that is just as strong. Word Press is used to allow you to create a site section for the listing of assets and inventory. This is a program that allows you to create sites and articles without all the complicated HTML code.

Word Press was originally created as an individual project in 2003. With a B2/cafe log project as its base. A huge community that contributes shares in its built involves in Word Press. From Business individuals to any big business holders, Word Press can be used by anyone who is looking forward to creating a website. Even the non-developers customize the word press websites very easily. This sort of website-building web system includes a large set of themes and plugins.

What is the theme?

A theme in Word Press is a series of models and slide sheets used to describe how a Word Press drove website looks and is displayed. You may want to alter, control, and attach them from the Appearance » Themes. Many Word Press subjects are accessible free and paid. We have our own Theme List and a large collection of free ones.

Each contains a different design, configuration, and characteristics. A customer May pick the one that suits their preferences and website criteria. Some are designed to serve other categories of websites, for example. The image themes in Word Press are for artists, photographers, photography websites, and blogs.

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

You may change them by inserting plugins or applying code to the PHP functions script. Improvements in the form of a child theme can also be created. Themes are typically three portions including images and JavaScript files. The three sections are the file.css, the template files for the Word Press, and optional file functions. PHP will allow making changes in the themes. Every theme must contain its very own unique style.css file. The types are not similar but the identifying information in the header has to be specific, otherwise, the implementation will have issues. If it is not a child theme, at least an Index. PHP files must be included.

There different kinds of the theme such as

  • Child theme for your blog:  Child theme for your blog is super useful if you’re trying to upgrade your website.
  • The theme for your news portal:  App Theme has themes for your news portal which is not only newspaper and magazine oriented but also user-friendly.
  • The theme for your Business Website: When looking for a good quality theme for your business website, App Theme has your back.

It is important to understand that Word Press themes do not need a page for choices. As an example, one of Word Press’ Default themes has no thematic options tab, Twenty-Twelve. Instead, the customizer function uses the Word Press whmcs theme, allowing users to configure their themes with a live preview.

There are subjects like the Headway Theme that adds their own live drag and drop editor that is helpful and enticing to many beginners in the fields of Word Press beginner. Other subject companies come with their own labeled choice table, which allows more room for customization, but not drag-drop. Many like it better this way. A very good example of these companies that have very elaborate theme options panel is App theme. They provide a high-quality Premium Child Theme for Word Press which are responsive and user-friendly Word Press themes. They even have child themes for your blog.

Even though these options can complicate things on the development side of things but it is a very good option for most users. This is one of the major reasons why many developers tend to prefer to work with theme frameworks that have simple theme options panels like the Genesis Framework.                

What are Child Themes?

Themes that are inherited by other existing themes or Parent themes are known as Child Themes. This theme got its name from the way it inherits different functions from other themes. The main principle of child themes is that they inherit website functionality while customizing some existing content.   The Premium Child Themes for Word Press is usually opening horizons to the Word Press website. You can find Premium Child Themes for Word Press at App Themes at the most reasonable rates.

What is the Plugin?

A Plugin is a type of software that includes a set of features that can be applied to a Word Press website. You may add new applications or improve the accessibility to your website through plugins.

The PHP Programming Language of Word Press plugins seamlessly integrates with Word Press. There’s even a phrase in the Word Press community: “There’s a Plugin for it.” They simplify it.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

You may install or perhaps uninstall plugins from the server region as a system administrator. The FTP client can also assist in downloading and manually installing them. Since most plugins are free, it is necessary to keep in mind that they do not normally come with technical assistance. Therefore, when selecting which ones you want to add to your web, it is important to be a little cautious.

While there are plugins that can perform the task you like, some are much stronger than others. You should definitely ask questions in order to choose the right ones.

  • How long has it been since this was updated?
  • Is the new version of Word Press compatible?
  • Do people receive the correct answers that support their questions?
  • What kind of rating does this have?

A misconception follows Word Press plugins slow your site down. It is absolutely wrong and not true at all! The ones which are bad will slow down your site.

Plugins play an important role in the Word Press ecosystem. They are originally for building a great website with the use of Word Press. Let’s talk about how Plugins work.

Whatever on your Word Press website you are attempting to do, it is necessary. If the feature is not accessible in Word Press by itself then a plugin is definitely available. There are different plugins for Word Press that enhance SEO, increase overall performance, attach contact formats, social media buttons, and build galleries.

Plugins can be tiny, and they only have one simple function such as inserting a sidebar image. Or they can also be quite broad and can also act as their own forum. For example, e-Commerce plugins for Word Press or Word Press community plugins. Richer plugins feature additional plugins to extend them just like you would extend Word Press.

What is the difference between a theme and a plugin?

You may now be wondering what could be the difference between Word Press plugins and Themes.

In a general sense, Themes in a Word Press are used to change the visuals of your website and plugins are for changing the functionality of your site. 

However, sometimes it may get a little confusing which is why App Theme is here to help you figure out the difference. It’s helpful to spend some time covering the differences and different factors in terms of WP plugins and Themes.

Word Press is built incredibly scalable as a forum. It is used to create all sorts of websites, such as small one-page landings, massive e-Commerce stores, and everything in between.

Nonetheless, it would be overwhelming and frustrating if the interface contained everything you could imagine required for creating any kind of website. Therefore, the Word Press “core” is kept deliberately streamlined. It only contains features that are useful for the vast majority of users.

How to Use WordPress Themes and Plugins

You can install a unique set of themes and themes and plugins to shape your Word Press starter site into the website you want. These are application updates or small pieces of software that you can download and install on your Word Press site. They have different features and functions that range from the simplest to the complex.

Or in other words, you may call Word Press a modular system. First off, you usually start with a basic foundation and then proceed with adding only the elements you need. This is not only an excellent way to build a website but also, it gets you a lot of control over the way it looks and how it functions.

What are premium Word Press Plugins?

Paid versions of Word Press plugins that come with additional features are called premium plugins. Priority support, documentation, and regular updates come along with premium Plugins.

The most popular blogging platform in the world is now WordPress. It is because it has a healthy ecosystem of both free and paid plugins. Did you know there are more than 50,000 different plugins you can try out from App Theme?

You will also be able to get the top-rated premium plugins at App themes In various ranges, designs, and colors.

Beginners may often think of how one makes money through Word Press if the plugins are free. The answer may be very simple, Word Press doesn’t own all these plugins. Word Press is known to be open-source. Most of these free plugins are run by third-party developers who want to build a brand for themselves. So they can get more customers and clients for their businesses.

But the issue lies in the fact that just like any software ever launched, Word Press plugins also need to be properly maintained and updated. Even though the developers are not required to offer any sort of support, most of them go above and beyond to help users and sometimes even add new features as preferred by the public.

As of now, you may have gotten a clear idea about the processes and how much time it takes for them to find resources. For some plugin developers, it becomes a bit difficult to take time out of their work and personal life to maintain a free product over a long period.

Benefits of Premium Plugins

You can access dedicated support, guaranteed updates, and premium features for just a small licensing fee with App Theme. App Theme improves the product and dedicates more time to growing their Word Press plugin business with the license fee that you provide. On the other hand, it helps App theme give you a product that is more refined and that even with very reliable support and updates.

Is it a money waste or worth the money?

If you don’t know already, we are not a very big fan of spending unnecessarily. We solely believe in making sure that our customers spend the amount they need. In most cases, we believe that beginners can control their costs by using Word Press plugins that are provided by App Theme.

But on the other hand, you shouldn’t only use paid plugins. It may sometimes be a bit too on the high end. Therefore, you must only buy the ones which you are in need of.

Where do I buy Premium Plugins?

WP Coupon Theme
WordPress Premium Themes

Other than you can find high-quality Premium Plugins at App Themes. They have a variety of range of plugins and themes that are of good taste and refined quality. Plugins are so important for building a website and so you need to buy them with a lot of thought and time. However, the app theme saves you the trouble of wasting so much time and helps you get the right type of Premium Plugin you need.

Not only just App Theme has the most stunning and responsive and user-friendly Word Press theme.  They have got themes for your news portal. App Theme is not just limited to just themes for your news portal. App themes got a variety!

What is the difference between free Vs Premium Word Press Plugins?

There are so many types of Word Press themes and plugins at App Theme which you can download from. They are of two type’s premium or paid.

So why would one buy plugins when there’s free?

  • Okay, there are several explanations for this. Although the plugin repository has thousands of plugins accessible, paying plugins usually have full-time support and developers who work to keep plugins stable and compliant with the most recent version of Word Press and with others.
  • Most of the time, plug-ins fit well with the heart of Word Press and other plugins and a plugin code sometimes becomes obstructed and creates more compatibility problems. It is only nice to know that with a premium plugin, you’ve got support staff who can assist you if anything goes wrong.

You may be wondering what sort of things plugins may do, okay, there’s certainly a plugin for this if you can imagine. You just have to stroll through the list of Word Press Plugins to see all the aspects in which plugins will extend or strengthen the platform.

 Usually, independent developers create free themes with or without limited support, while high-end retailers sometimes also offer free themes as a preliminary of pricing.

Nonetheless, the consistency and adaptation choices can vary greatly due to their lack of costs and they rarely are sure to meet the standard set by premium subjects.

With that being said, standard premium subjects can be found at App themes.

Premium concepts usually have a good excuse to cost money. The supplier’s support personnel should be feature-rich, attentive, and well equipped. That’s not always the case, we suggest it should. You may, therefore, assume that paid topics will be higher in quality than free equivalents in general. For an example of a well-crafted and high-quality theme, you may check out the themes and plugins at App Themes.

Importance of buying WP premium themes and plugins


A premium Word Press theme costs money its simplest meaning. It’s premium if it’s not free. There is no fixed merit or certification that will designate a theme as being premium. One who has enough knowledge about Plug-ins can open a WordPress theme as a premium.

However, a premium subject was usually created by professional web designers to fuel customers that are ready to pay more for a better product.

There is no obligation a designer that a theme designer has to assist you whether in terms of installation or modification of a theme. On the other side of the spectrum, all premium theme designers offer some sort of support system. The best theme shops such as App theme deliver a fantastic theme for your business website that is worth the cost. The help claim in terms of this is, however largely based on your interest. Below is a list that tells us about the benefits of choosing this luxury-style theme for your business website.

  • Taking into account the comprehensive advantages shown below usually reasonably priced.
  • Upon entering the market, it does not require any sort of official review, unlike the free ones.
  • Generally, the level of construction is far better and attractive in premium themes. This could even annul the simple and lean ‘essence of free things since, given the richness of its features, a premium option can be built easily.
  • The vendor will provide you with outstanding documents for the setup process.
  • In addition, further flexibility is included, including wider customization options and third-party device integrations to expand the capabilities of your website.
  • In order to keep your theme secure, you can typically rely on a far more timely update cycle to keep your theme secure. There is always a danger, however, that a theme dealer ceases making a template so you have the same long-term security vulnerabilities as any free Word Press Theme.
  • Different independent theme shops and marketplaces such as App theme have a wider range of themes that are of merit.


Do you want to buy a plugin? So then why not a free one? Do free plugins work as smoothly as the premium ones?

This is a question that often arises when buying a premium plugin. Or even thinking of getting one. So what could be the pros and cons of buying a premium plugin? Why should you buy it and where? If you have those questions then you are on the right track.

Let’s find out!

Over the years, various types of development in various sectors are revolutionized. That’s what people talk about nowadays. The topic now is debated as science and technology in modern times are developing rapidly. Tons of resources are the main source of the digital movement in the online market. Word Press is one of them since the age of modern civilization creates a new layer.

Thanks to its various functionalities, Word Press is a huge platform. Various plug-in forms support such functions. Such Plugins are designed for different types of use. The Word Press directory is full of plugins and they are all technically classified. You need to pick a table plugin for such a generable table, in order to create a form you have to choose a form plugin. For a restaurant, you may choose from restaurant menu plugins, or for making a pricing table you may want to choose a pricing table plugin. So in short, you will have to choose accordingly to whichever suits the best for your business.

So the question that stands is what is the reason for buying the premium version of different plugins?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should buy a WordPress plugin premium and not a free one. Have a quick look at it:

Advanced Functionalities

  • Plugin owners usually offer limited functionality in their free version. Since it’s a part of their business policy, they are usually triggering the visitors by encouraging them through the free version then turn them into an active customer.

To achieve the advanced functionalities you have to buy various plugins. Meaning you got to choose the premium version of that particular plugin for the respective reason.

Better Coding Structure

  • Sometimes plugins don’t have a proper grasp of a proper coding guideline which can result in having poorly coded plugin with low performances and security issues.

But with premium plugins, you won’t face such problems. Your plugin will be coded in a structured and provide you with great performance.

Continued Improvement and updates

Premium plugs are always up to date as the developers are always working on them. Unlike the free ones. This is why it is more preferable.

24/7 dedicated support

It is now easy to keep communicating with your clients 24/7 through the phone. You have no extra customer support for your product in the free version. In most instances, this is the case. I this scenario, developers give the first-class edition of Word Press plugins a good quality service that will not be offered for the free version.

Competitive Advantage

The paid app edition offers more features and benefits than the free one. Moreover, they provide superior back-end flexibility, because it offers you an advantage instantly against your competitors.

End Words

I hope this article will help you to know the secrets of WordPress premium themes and plugins.

You will use premium WordPress themes and plugins for making your website more user-friendly.

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Secrets of WordPress Premium Themes and Plugins
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Over 35% of websites are developed on WordPress on this planet using themes and plugins. Today I will show you the secrets of WordPress premium themes and plugins.
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